Custom Door-Hangers: A Powerful and Non-Intrusive Way to Get Your High-Value Offer Into the Hands of Your Target Market – Part One

“Knowing, believing, and understanding. This is the simple formula that will insure success for you and your customers. Knowing what they want, believing that you can deliver what they want, and understanding how to deliver what they want will create a win-win situation for everyone involved.”
− Zig Ziglar

The mad frenzy of Holiday shopping is over for another year, and it’s now time to shift gears to re-tool your business to handle the lull in consumer spending. Yet as you realign your focus, be mindful of the opportunities that this transition period presents. You can catch your breath, make necessary adjustments to key areas of your business, and determine what worked and what didn’t.

In other words, you can take an inventory of your business and develop ways and means to improve its performance.

One of the most powerful and cost-effective mediums that you can utilize to improve the performance of your business is our custom door-hangers. They’re always working for you and because they are so durable, your potential customers can keep them until they make their buying decision. They’re also a non-intrusive way to get your high-value offer into the hands of your target market.

Consumers are becoming numb to all of the advertising and marketing messages that constantly bombard their senses, like seemingly endless droning voices. All of this information is overloading your potential customers, so it’s increasingly important that you devise a plan, and keep it new and fresh.

And in their infinite wisdom, marketers and advertisers are stepping up their efforts by heaping more information into their campaigns, thus compounding the problem and alienating a bigger portion of their audience at the same time. This makes no sense to us here at Front Door Advertising.

Digital technology has definitely opened new opportunites for utilizing door-to-door campaigns, and with our custom door-hangers at the forefront of this advertising revolution, we will put your business on the cutting edge. Even with all the new opportunities within the digital realm, there is a greater amount of fragmenting within your potential audience; we want to help you take advantage of this fact.
In this New Year, we’ll set goals for ourselves and our businesses, and measure our success as we proceed. But it’s not the goal that we set for ourselves that matters so much, it’s more the degree of belief we have in ourselves that we can carry through with our commitment to achieve said goal. It’s not always easy – and it’s not always fun or glamorous to persevere – but the key to success is to kindle the belief that our goals are realistic and achievable.

Yet in the end, whether our efforts are a rousing success, or a dismal failure, it’s always the journey that provides the most important information about ourselves – or more accurately – about our character. You know, that part of us that pushes us forward toward the objectives and goals we set for ourselves, and the part of us that understands the importance of integrity, trustworthiness, and honesty in all of our relationships with others, not just in our business lives.

In the business world, doing nice things often negatively effects the profit and loss report, and sometimes our limitations are dictated by our bottom line. The life-blood of every business is developing and keeping satisfied customers, and doing what is necessary to bring them back for more.

We here at Front Door Advertising get it – every new customer relationship that you build and maintain is gold in your pocket, and it’s our goal to help you focus on this quest every day. When you’re successful, we’re successful. We strive to help you develop new and better ways to find and keep satisfied customers that remain loyal to you – and at the same time, cutting expenses and increasing your return on the investment (ROI).

Our custom door-hangers will work well with your advertising budget, and we’ll help you to stay on the cutting edge, by monitoring the rapid changes now taking place with consumers, their buying trends, and how they’re making their decisions. Staying competitive demands it.

The old-fashioned approach to getting and keeping clients is working, and we’re on the forefront of this strategy to help you connect with eager consumers who want the best “bang for their buck.” Let us show you the best methods of finding those customers who may be a hidden treasure trove of new revenue for your business, and how to convert potential new customers with our custom door-hangers.

Keep the excitement of your New Years resolutions alive throughout the coming months by stoking the fires under your belief in yourself, and your ability to achieve all your business and personal goals. Flip on the switch of belief and launch your business to new heights in 2017!

In Part Two of this article we will discuss how our Quality Assurance Program can help you insure that your cost-effective advertising campaign utilizing our custom door-hangers can boost your bottom line, and help your business establish and maintain lasting customer relationships.

We’ll show you how our system of checks and balances, that insure that your message reaches your target market by using state-of-the art monitoring techniques, can save you money and build your customer base!

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