Custom Door-Hangers: The Inexpensive, Alternative Medium Which Produces Effective Results – Part One

“If you can’t run with the big dogs, then stay under the porch.”
– Unknown

Let’s face it, being in business today is a dog fight and in this article we’re going to help you understand how utilizing the power of our custom door-hangers can help you level the playing field.

There are big dogs with the heft and clout to push the little dogs around, yet the little dogs in the battle are holding their own. And one of the most potent weapons in the small business arsenal is our custom door-hangers.

As often as the media would have us believe that the little dogs are being bowled over, it’s those little dogs that help keep our economy running, providing jobs for many hard-working folks. The small businesses that thrive every day have always been the life-blood of American free enterprise.

Fifty years ago we didn’t have big-box stores like Wal-Mart, Target, or K-Mart to provide goods and services, we had little Mom-and-Pop stores that specialized in one or two areas and we patronized them to get the things we needed. And even though the big discount stores have continued to dominate the retail scene, we still need the small businesses to keep things balanced.

Recently, the weekly advertisement from K-Mart featured dozens of products on sale, yet many of the items weren’t the kind of things that most of us would buy for every day sustenance. Most of the sale items were hot new toys, seasonal offerings, some luxury jewelery, new clothing and fashions, along with a few household products. Yet the sheer volume of sale items made it appear as though many of the offerings were things we couldn’t live without.

Utilizing the Power of Door-Hangers

As a business owner, you know that cost-effective marketing is one of the essential keys to your success. Your advertising investment not only puts your brand out there, it helps to generate new customers, and to insure repeat business. But how do you know that you’re making the right investment in order to get the best return?

Big retailers spend thousands of dollars each month to advertise their products, and in the end their results are based on Return on Investment (ROI) just like the small businesses. And often, their ROI isn’t always as good as the little guy gets spending a fraction of that amount utilizing one of the most effective mediums available – custom door-hangers.

One of the keys to maximizing your ROI is putting the core of your budget into what counts most – repeat sales and developing new customers. All of this can be achieved through inexpensive beta testing and sampling that can be done in an inexpensive and effective way, allowing you to roll out an already tested, winning campaign.

Front Door Advertising offers this alternative medium which produces effective results, but costs half as much as the more conventional advertising avenues. Custom door- hangers are a cost-effective advertising option that delivers your powerful offer that your prospects can hold and keep until they make their buying decision.

In Part 2 of this article we’ll show you how you can utilize our custom door-hangers as a cost-effective advertising option that delivers a powerful offer that your prospects can hold and keep until they make their buying decision.

We here at Front Door Advertising will work hard to help you attract loyal customers back, and bring potential new customers into the fold by advertising your business with our custom door hangers. We know that even though you may be one of the little dogs, we want to help you capitalize on your efforts. Marketing your business is one of the essential keys to your success and our job is to ensure that you are able to serve your customers far into the future.

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