Direct-Mail Postcards: A Large Canvas That Packs a Punch In Presenting Your High-Value Offer – Part One

“The human brain is unique in that it is the only container of which it can be said that the more you put into it, the more that it will hold.”− Glenn Doman

School is in session once again. Children everywhere are stretching their brains to absorb facts, figures, principles, and concepts that will help them to become responsible, productive members of society. Their brains will expand with reams of knowledge that will enable them to acquire the wisdom gained only from hard work and experience. All of these facets of their educational rite of passage will someday ultimately pay off handsomely.

This annual rite of passage is also a signal that the Holiday Season is looming on the horizon. It’s time to begin formulating your marketing and advertising plans to capitalize on the incredible profit potential that the Holidays provide. Yet as daunting as the task is, it’s a process that is not only necessary, it’s essential.

That’s where we at Front Door Advertising come in.

We know what you’re up against. We know that you have many questions regarding your advertising options, and we know that you likely have a limited advertising budget. So let us help you figure out all of the details, figure out the answers to all of your questions, while at the same time, allowing us to help you save money by utilizing our custom direct-mail postcards.

Using a comparison between advertising avenues, we know that one of the most powerful – and least expensive – weapons in your advertising arsenal is your business card. It packs a massive punch, not only economically speaking, but aescethically speaking as well. It’s a tiny warrior that slays giants.
In today’s business climate, effective advertising is not only expensive, it’s imperative. It’s the tipping point between success and failure. The image that your company projects is an important element in sustaining ongoing success. Business cards are an important tool for making a positive first impression. It highlights the services that a company provides.

Yet as powerful as business cards are, their “big brother” – the direct-mail postcard – packs more punch for your advertising dollar, providing a much larger canvas on which to present your high-value offer. And this first impression that you convey to your potential customers is very important! It’s the difference between a squeak and a roar!
The idea of “first impressions” is a universal concept. An acquaintence relates a story that vividly illustrates this concept.
When I was a kid, each Summer I spent part of each of my days helping my Dad with his business. My job was to sweep the parking lot before he ever opened the doors for business. On a hot summer day, that parking lot looked like a football field in the eyes of a ten year-old, but it was even bigger to my Dad.

One day I asked him why I had to sweep the parking lot and he said, “Our parking lot is the first thing that our customers see. They form an opinion of us and our business when they see the condition of our property. If our parking lot is dirty, or littered with trash, they may decide to go somewhere else. A clean parking lot is our advertisement that the inside of our business is also clean.”

Direct-mail postcards are your “parking lot,” that every potential client sees, long before ever stepping foot into your building, or clicking on the link to your web site. Your “parking lot”makes a statement in the business world, just as profound, and as a result, the potential market value of direct-mail postcards is extremely high. Yet the information on the postcard is the most important element of its value.

Here at Front Door Advertising we are committed to one objective: To help you deliver your message to your target market in an efficient, effective, and affordable manner. We specialize in the delivery of direct-mail, and we utilize all of the technical advantages that are now available, such as computerized design and targeted mapping to provide you with custom advertising.
And hitting a receptive audience with a relevant message is a vital part of that process. Front Door Advertising is in the business of not only creating a “sweet spot,” but hitting it with compelling direct-mail postcards that will insure that your advertising investment pays maximum dividends. Our direct-to-door ad campaigns are proven effective, with an unbeatable quality guarantee, and with a track record of high ROI’s for our clients.

In Part Two of this article we’ll talk about how this powerful medium has evoved from humble beginnings, and how you can take advantage of the power of direct-mail postcards to boost your bottom line for a fraction of the cost of the conventional methods of marketing your business.

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