Direct-Mail Folded Mailers: A Durable and Proven System for Increasing Your Bottom Line – Part One

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“New Year’s Resolutions. They’re the things we promise to enact when we’ve imbibed sufficient Christmas cheer, but ultimately fade with the stark reality of the abrupt end of the Holiday Season.”
T. W. Sullivan

The Holiday Blitz is over and consumers are left trying to figure out how to pay off their credit cards after another banner year for all of the lucky retailers. Yet given all of the revenues added to your coffers, the stark reality of the New Year and its promising opportunities leaves something to be desired.

This is akin to post-partum blues.

Fret not.

You know that advertising permeates daily life. Yet many of those advertising messages dissolve from the screen and from memory in a few seconds. You need to have a powerful weapon to help you capture new customers, and bring your loyal consumers back to your establishment. Utilizing our direct-mail folded mailers will not only drive potential customers to your door, they will be one of the most durable advertisements that you can use to promote your products and/or services.

Unlike television, and Internet ads, print ads stay in the consumers’ hand, providing your potential customers a means of taking advantage of your special offer when they are ready. One of the most effective forms of print advertising is our direct-mail folded mailers. Front Door Advertising is on the cutting edge of printed marketing and advertising media, and we continue to help our clients produce solid, winning advertising campaigns.

We help our clients convert potential customers into buyers, insure that loyal customers come back, and garner bigger market shares from their target markets. Yet there remains a segment of business owners that believe the power of printed advertising has lost ground to the other conventional means of getting the marketing message out to potential customers.

The misconception that print advertising is the “step-child” to more visible media, such as online banner ads, television commercials, and radio spots, is not only false, it is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Here at Front Door Advertising, we know that print advertising is not only a highly viable means of hitting your target market more effectively, it often exceeds these other more expensive means of getting your marketing message out to the buying public.

Whenever you consider a new approach to marketing and advertising, you must carefully measure the Return on Investment (ROI). You know that when you spend money on a marketing campaign, you must realize profits in order to justify future expenditures with the same media. That’s the simple part.

Yet your job is to be able to determine whether the advertising dollars being spent are cost effective for your ROI. Today’s competitive marketplace requires effective advertising campaigns that are not only essential to business success, but ultimately determine how consumers make their buying decisions. You are forced to create effective advertising campaigns with fewer dollars, especially in today’s economy.

Front Door Advertising will not only fit nicely into today’s leaner marketing budgets, but will provide significant and lasting promotions that consumers can save until they make their buying decision. Direct-mail folded mailers containing high visibility “calls-to-action” are a savings-based approach to marketing that is particularly suited to high value offers and well recognized brands.

Millions of dollars are invested every year in marketing campaigns to sell new products or boost the sales of existing products. You must utilize myriad forms of media to get the word out about your products and services, to better position them in the local market. In the battle for a bigger share of customers, print advertisements offer businesses several advantages.

Our direct-mail folded mailer marketing system offers several advantages to our clients, and begins with a proven four-step formula to produce the highest quality product, along with highly accurate delivery systems that insure that your direct-mail folded mailer reaches your target market.

In Part 2 of this article we’ll explore this system, and address how you as a business owner or manager can tap into new market segments, as well as your established customer base.

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