Custom Door Hangers: Common Sense, Cost-Effective Advertising to Boost Your Bottom Line – Part One

“If foresight were as acute as our hindsight, we’d be a damnsight better off!”
− Zig Ziglar

The hectic days of Summer roll on, and it won’t be long until the refreshing cool-down of Autumn has taken hold. Yet as August unfolds, the joyful preparations for the approaching School Season are in full-swing. And as this annual ritual moves forward, advertising campaigns have morphed from the mid-summer fare, to Fall clothing and homework.

Advertisers have been maneuvering for position in the marketplace for several weeks now, and should be looking back on the year so far, to see the consumers they’re targeting are the big winners in this rite of marketing passage. Let your hindsight fuel your foresight to help you transition into the upcoming flurry of advertising activities.

Yet within the oncoming, blinding blitz of advertising activity, business owners can easily be seduced by the glimmer and glitz offered by the newest high-tech marketing and advertising mediums and methods. Don’t be enticed to follow the pack. Allow us to help you stand out from the crowd by utilizing a proven way to beat your competitors.

Front Door Advertising offers a very cost-effective print advertising solution in our custom door-hangers, that will put your high-value offer into your potential customers’ hands without all of the glitz and glimmer. We will custom design your door-hangers to your exacting specifications, and help you alleviate any marketing and advertising fear or confusion, regardless of your experience level.

We make it our business to eliminate as many of your big question marks about effective and efficient advertising, while at the same time quelling the many fears that often create roadblocks in the realm of marketing and advertising. In other words, we integrate high-tech with common sense to create solid advertising campaigns that work.

You know that marketing your business is one of the essential keys to your success. Your advertising investment not only helps you create and establish your brand, but it puts your brand out there, allowing you to generate new customers, and to insure return customers. But how do you know that you’re making the right investment in order to get the best return?

That’s where we come in – to help you find the answers to all of your marketing and advertising questions, no matter how big or small.

You are constantly challenged to find cost-effective ways to advertise in order to gain market share, win new customers, and retain current customers. Changing economic conditions force you to continually analyze your advertising campaigns in order to figure out what is working and what needs to be changed.

When you consider a new approach to marketing, you must constantly analyze the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Ultimately, your operative question becomes: “Are we getting the maximum return on our advertising investment?” All marketers know that when they spend money on a marketing campaign, they must realize profits in order to justify further expenditures in that direction.

You must constantly monitor every facet of your advertising plan to determine whether your advertising investment is cost-effective for the return on your investment (ROI). In today’s competitive marketplace consumers are more frugal and selective with their buying decisions, forcing you to create effective campaigns with fewer advertising dollars.

Front Door Advertising will fit nicely into today’s leaner marketing budgets. The advertising options that Front Door Advertising offers, when coupled with high visibility “calls-to-action,” are savings-based approaches to marketing that are particularly suited to your high value offer. We know how to fit the optimum solutions to your advertising needs in a cost-effective way that will bring your potential customers right to your door.

Front Door Advertising also offers alternative solutions to you that produce effective results, including direct mail, but cost half as much as the more conventional advertising mediums. Door hangers are a cost-effective advertising option that delivers a powerful offer that your prospects can hold and keep until they make their buying decision. They not only pack a big wallop, but they are extremely durable.

Yet door hangers in and of themselves are only one part of the equation. What good is your high-value offer if it doesn’t reach your target market? That’s where our fail-safe quality control measures come into play, to insure that your advertising message reaches your prospective customers.

In part two of this article we’ll explore this winning formula to show you how our system works, and to help you understand how we can help you to develop a powerful advertising campaign for your business.

Front Door Advertising offers over 20 examples of custom door hangers that can be viewed at in standard and jumbo sizes. Call us today at 1-888-870-4242 for a FREE quote to see how Front Door Advertising can help your business create a winning campaign.