Direct-Mail Folded Mailers: A Durable and Proven System for Increasing Your Bottom Line – Part Two

“New Year’s Resolutions. They’re the things we promise to enact when we’ve imbibed sufficient Christmas cheer, but ultimately fade with the stark reality of the abrupt end of the Holiday Season.”
T. W. Sullivan

In Part 1 of this article, we discussed how our direct-mail folded mailers marketing system begins with a proven four-step formula to produce the highest quality product, along with highly accurate delivery systems that insure that your direct-mail folded mailer reaches your target market. Before we reveal that system, we’d like to explain more about the folded mailer and the benefits they provide marketers and advertisers alike.

Front Door Advertising has worked tirelessly to dispel the misconception that print advertising is a sub-standard advertising medium, by creating outstanding campaigns for our clients. Our proven formula of utilizing direct-mail folded mailers will not only drive potential customers to your door, they will be one of the most durable advertisements that you can use to promote your products and/or services. And in contrast to our direct-mail postcards, direct-mail folded mailers provide advertisers with a broader canvas on which to paint their marketing message.

Our folded mailers measure 8.5 x 11inches, and fold to 3.67 x 8.5 inches. These folded mailers are printed on both sides, in full color, and can be custom designed to your specifications. They also have a protective UV coating that protects them from the harmful effects of light, making them durable for as long as your target market wants to hold on to them. This approach to print advertising makes sense to marketers and advertisers whether new to business, or seasoned professionals.

When considering this type of new approach to marketing your products and/or services, being able to answer the operative question – “What are we getting for our investment?” is not only mandatory, it is just good business sense to have the answer at your fingertips. Realizing profits is the whole point of business, and experienced marketers know that when they spend money on an advertising campaign, they must see positive ROI.

And in our experience, business managers and owners want to know whether our products and services are appropriate for their business. At Front Door Advertising, we pride ourselves on helping a wide array of industries place their message strategically in front of their target audience. Here is the four-step system that we utilize to insure that your direct-mail folded mailers are delivered to your specifications.

1). Find Your Target Market

What good is an ad if it doesn’t reach your target audience? Our expert research staff will use the latest computer tools and demographic information to assist you in targeting your market. We can deliver your direct-mail folded mailers to any household or business that has a valid US address. These folded mailers can also be delivered to any location in the US with no zip code or zone restrictions. You decide where to deliver your ads!

2). Design Your Power Ad™

The success of your advertising campaign starts with your ad design. Our ads are so powerful we trademarked the name “Power Ads™” to describe them. Our direct response ads stimulate your target audience to take action now!
All of our Power Ads™ include:
• Powerful Headline
• Creative Graphics
• A Compelling Offer & Expiration Date
• Risk Free Guarantee

3). Print Your Advertisement

Now that you have designed a powerful, attractive ad, we will work hard to produce your ads for you. We offer several sizes, paper stocks and colors to enable your creativity to flow. We can even custom shape your advertisement into almost any shape you want—including your logo, your product or even your mascot. Options include: UV Coating, Custom Sizes, Die Cut Punch-Out Cards and more.

4). Select Your Delivery Day

That’s right – YOU are in complete control. YOU select the delivery day you want and our team of distribution specialists will deliver your ads to the Front Door of your targeted market. If you like, we can also provide delivery suggestions based on our past successes. Direct mail is delivered 6 days per week via the United States Postal System. We cannot guarantee the exact day they will deliver your ad but we can come very close.

Front Door Advertising offers examples of custom direct-mail folded mailers that can be viewed at Call us today at 1-888-870-4242 for a FREE quote to see how Front Door Advertising can help your business create a winning direct-mail campaign.

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