Direct-Mail Postcards: Cost-Efficient, Effective, Targeted Traffic, Directed Right to Your Business – Part One

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“Deal honestly and objectively with yourself; intellectual honesty and personal courage are the hallmarks of great character.”
– Brian Tracy

Summer is in full swing, and hopefully all of your marketing and advertising plans for this profitable season are working well for you and your business. Yet you can’t simply rest upon your laurels. Within a seeming blink of your eye, you will need to be preparing your marketing and advertising plans for the upcoming Fall and Holiday seasons.

When you decided to go into business you knew that this whole enterprise wasn’t going to be a walk in the park.

You knew that you would have difficulties, problems to solve, decisions to make, and it’s highly likely that you didn’t foresee having so many avenues with which to advertise your business. Problems like these easily have the potential for some sleepless nights. And now you’re faced with which media to use to effectively get your offer out to prospective customers, without breaking your bank.

Take heart. Slow down. Breathe.

You’ve survived this long and the odds are in your favor that you’ll make it through this bump in the road too.

That’s where Front Door Advertising comes in to help you make sense out of all this “noise” regarding advertising and its subtle nuances. We know that our direct-mail postcards will enable you to get your advertising message out to your target market and new, prospective buyers, with cost-efficiency and clout.

Business owners often hear things such as, “I don’t ever buy things through mail offers,” “Big businesses don’t do that anymore,” and “But isn’t e-mail more popular?”

And although technology has changed the direct marketing industry, it hasn’t in any way harmed the efficiency or the effectiveness of direct-mail marketing. On the contrary, direct-mail has been enhanced by web technologies in many ways. Direct-mail is great for getting leads to visit a web page, encouraging customers to buy online, or collecting information, including e-mail addresses from prospects.

Direct-mail is here to stay, and to prove it, here is one major reason why you should use direct-mail in place of e-mail to get the best results.

In-box overload

We all get an avalanche of e-mails each day, and it’s likely that that you get far more than you actually read. Most of us get many more e-mails than we want to read – or are even capable of reading.

Most of the time we don’t click into each and every e-mail, and many people don’t even sort through their e-mails daily. What that means is that your marketing message – and therefore the basis of your livelihood – might be sitting at the bottom of the “stack.”

When your prospects get around to their in-box, they’re likely to delete most, if not all, of the messages they get if they don’t recognize the sender, or if the headline doesn’t capture their attention. So where does that leave your good sales message?
If it’s well crafted, it may get opened for a look-see.

Most likely it bit the dust.

Sending it was a waste.

You could argue that people throw away snail-mail too, but the numbers are in favor of direct mail here.
A study by Epsilon showed that 77 percent of consumers sort through their physical mail as soon as they get it. Even better, data from the U.S. Postal Service showed that 98 percent of people check their mail daily. That means a lot less “back up” in the physical mail box, and a much better chance for your sales piece to get read.

E-mail has definitely changed the marketing environment, but you can use that change to your advantage. Let other businesses focus on e-mail marketing. Let them deal with the massive in-box overload that everyone is experiencing. The competition in your standard mailbox is far less fierce – and that’s where you should be aiming your sales messages.

In Part Two of this article we’ll talk about three more reasons to utilize our cost-effective, direct-mail postcards as an advertising option that will deliver your powerful offer, enabling your prospects to hold and keep it until they make their buying decision.
We know that your intellectual honesty and personal courage will push you forward, and we want to help you capitalize on your efforts. Marketing your business is one of the essential keys to your success and our job is to ensure that you are able to serve your customers far into the future.

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