Direct-Mail Postcards: An Honest, Effective, and Inexpensive Advertising Campaign That Works – Part One

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Black Friday is over, and now we’re welcoming Dazzling December. This last leg of the Holiday Season is in full-swing, and consumers are all looking for the best deals on the best gifts for family and friends. Hopefully, you have all of your marketing and advertising ducks in a row, and are strategically positioned to take advantage of the blitz of Holiday shopping that is taking place everywhere.

Yet as big as this time is for consumer spending, you know that this bonanza will be over very soon, so you need to have your marketing and advertising plans for the start of the New Year in place now. Yet with all of the advertising options available to you, how do you know which avenues will produce the highest return for your advertising investment?

Here at Front Door Advertising, we know that your options are nearly endless, and we would like you to know that our direct-mail postcards will not only drive potential customers to your door, they will be one of the most durable advertisements that you can use to promote your products and/or services. They’re an honest, effective, inexpensive way to reach your target market!

We understand that whenever you consider a new approach to marketing and advertising, your operative question is, “What are we getting for our investment?” You must determine whether the advertising dollars being spent are cost effective for your return on investment (ROI). Consumers are more selective with their buying decisions, so you must create effective campaigns with fewer advertising dollars.

The Front Door Advertising philosophy of less is more will fit nicely into your leaner marketing budget. All of our advertising options, coupled with high visibility “calls-to-action” are savings-based approaches to marketing, particularly suited to high value offers such as yours.

Advertisers spend millions of dollars per year to sell new products or boost the sales of existing products. Your advertising campaign, to get the word out about your products and services, is critical in the battle for a bigger share of customers, and our direct-mail postcards offer you several advantages.

Flashy television, and Internet ads, bombard the senses and then disappear.

Television and radio ads battle multiple distractions just to be seen or heard.

Print ads stay in your consumers’ hand, providing a means of taking advantage of your special offer when they are ready. One of the most effective forms of print advertising is our direct-mail postcards. By utilizing our marketing system, with its proven three-step formula to produce the highest quality product, along with our extremely accurate delivery systems, we insure that your direct-mail postcard reaches your target market.

High Quality Printing
The exciting full-color design is sure to catch their eye and bring them directly to your door. Our direct-mail postcards offer full-color printing on both sides; our standard size postcard is 6”×11”, but we can print any size requested. Options include perforation and a high gloss UV coating.

Accurate Mailing Lists
Once your direct-mail postcards have been designed and printed, hitting your target market is the next priority. What good is your investment of time and money in a direct-mail campaign if your special offer doesn’t reach your potential and current customers? Our lists come directly from the Post Office and are updated every six weeks to ensure the accuracy of deliverable addresses.

Targeted Delivery
We use the latest demographic information to help you target your EXACT market. A few of the options available are income level, carrier routes, or a radius around your location. Included in this state-of-the-art system are:
• Solo Mailing – all postcards are individually mailed
• US Postage – first class or bulk rate
• List Processing – includes the following:
CASS Certification – to ensure lowest postage rates
Inkjet Addressing – state-of-the-art equipment
Postal Presorting – groups cards for faster processing
USPS On-site Verification – most efficient and reliable method

Every time your potential customers look at your postcard, they see your special offer and have the advantage of time in order to act. In addition, as long as the potential customer retains your postcard, the ad also remains intact. Your ad can promote your special offer and your products and/or services for months or even years before the recipient puts your direct-mail postcard in the trash. No other advertising method provides that much potential longevity from a single investment.

In Part 2 of this article we’ll explore the wide range of business applications that a direct-mail campaign can address, and how you can tap into new market segments, as well as your established customer base.

Front Door Advertising offers several examples of custom direct-mail postcards that can be viewed at in standard and jumbo sizes.. Call us today at 1-888-870-4242 for a FREE quote to see how Front Door Advertising can help your business create a winning campaign.