Direct-Mail Postcards: A Proven, Cost-Effective Medium to Let Your Customers Know About Your High-Value Offer – Part Two

“It’s one thing to know the score. It’s another thing entirely to be able to positively effect the outcome of the game for your team,”
− Tony Dungee

In Part One of this article we talked about how your business is devoted to helping others get what they want – whether it’s the right widget, or the right service. And in turn, your customers provide you with what you want – a healthy profit that will enable you to continue helping them.

Our mission here at Front Door Advertising is to help you continue this cycle of helping others get what they want in order to get what you want.

We know that building your business isn’t always the easiest thing to do, that’s why we put our reputation on the line for you every day, offering print advertising solutions that put your high-value offer into your customer’s hands. And one of the most powerful, enduring options is our direct-mail postcards.

Think about it – for a fraction of what some of the conventional advertising options cost, you can utilize a proven, cost-effective medium to let your customer’s know about your valuable offer, and because it’s so durable, they can keep it until they make their buying decision. That’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!

Yet as durable and reliable as direct-mail postcards are, their humble beginnings and the evolution of their value in the marketing and advertising schema of today’s fast-paced world make them one of the most efficient and cost-effective, methods of getting your advertising message into your potential customer’s hands.

All of us at Front Door Advertising have successfully dispelled the misconception that print advertising is dead by creating outstanding campaigns for our clients. Our proven formula of utilizing direct-mail postcards will not only drive potential customers to your door, they will be one of the most durable advertisements that you can use to promote your products and/or services. They never eat, sleep, or call in sick!

Our direct-mail postcard marketing system begins with a proven three-step formula to produce the highest quality product, along with extremely accurate delivery systems that insure that your direct-mail postcard reaches your target market.

Your direct-mail postcards are printed on both sides, using exciting full-color design, which is sure to catch potential customer’s eyes, to bring them directly to your door. Our standard size postcard is 6”×11”, but we can print any size requested. Options include perforation and a high gloss UV coating.

Once your direct-mail postcards have been designed and printed, hitting your target market is the next priority. What good is your investment of time and money in a direct-mail campaign if your special offer doesn’t reach your potential and current customers? Our lists come directly from the Post Office and are updated every six weeks to ensure the accuracy of deliverable addresses.
Here at Front Door Advertising we are committed to one objective: To help you deliver your message to your target market in an efficient, effective, and affordable manner. We specialize in the delivery of direct-mail, and we utilize all of the technical advantages that are now available, such as computerized design and targeted mapping to provide you with custom advertising.
And hitting a receptive audience with a relevant message is a vital part of that process. Front Door Advertising is in the business of not only creating a “sweet spot,” but hitting it with compelling direct-mail postcards that will insure that your advertising investment pays maximum dividends. Our direct-to-door advertising campaigns are proven effective, with an unbeatable quality guarantee, and with a track record of high ROI’s for our clients.

Let us help you explore the wide range of business applications that a direct-mail campaign can address, and how you can take advantage of the power of direct-mail postcards to boost your bottom line. We can also show you how to tap into new market segments, as well as your established customer base, for a fraction of the cost of the conventional methods of marketing your business.

Front Door Advertising offers several examples of custom direct-mail postcards that can be viewed at in standard and jumbo sizes. Call us today at 1-888-870-4242 for a FREE quote to see how Front Door Advertising can help your business create a winning direct-mail campaign.