Folded Mailers: A Proven Way of Delivering Old-Fashioned Value That Consumers Want and Need – Part One

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“You don’t get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to an hour.”
− Jim Rohn


It’s a simple concept, yet sometimes folks have difficulty defining value, because it can mean different things to different people.

Farmers find great value in large quantities of horse manure, yet not many other people keep a stockpile of it in their back yard. Yet farmers and consumers find value in the crops that are fertilized in that way.

Your business has a set of values. They govern how you serve your customers, and show that your business isn’t just about selling your products or services. Your business must provide value to everyone who sees your advertising message.

Tall order.

Add to that the fact that value is in the attitude of the buyer, and immediately the simplicity of the advertising message not only becomes crystal clear, it becomes paramount. Keeping it simple means being concise and succinct.

We here at Front Door Advertising understand not only what a great advertising message must contain, we also understand that it must grab your prospect quickly, providing concise, succinct information defining the value of your product or service. You must convince them that your products will make their lives better – for the price you’re asking.

But there are mandates.

Businesses must constantly adjust their advertising strategies and budgets in order to compensate for ever-changing economic conditions. You must constantly refocus your sights to hit your target market. You need to stay on budget, so that your advertising message produces a healthy return for your investment (ROI).

Producing an effective advertising message that reaches into the psyche of potential consumers is key.

Reaching potential customers is still the goal, yet the problem remains that the target markets keep moving. Consumer confidence and spending habits make it difficult to craft an effective marketing strategy. Even a favorable economy makes it difficult to know when and where consumers will look for their desired type of value.

Consumers still utilize up to four different media sources for their buying decisions. Determining which media resources to use, and how often to send an advertising message is the dilemma. These decisions are agonizing; that’s where we come in. We help make intelligent, effective use of one of the least utilized mediums – folded mailers – a no-brainer.

Most advertisers are spreading their advertising offers – and their budgets – too thin, creating mixed messages that consumers often misinterpret. The resulting chaos means that the value of your advertising message may be blurred, creating lost revenue, killing your bottom line.

The multiple channels available to reach your target market will impact your bottom line: The Internet, Social Media, Cable television advertising, radio spots, e-mail, and SMS text messaging. They capture market share, yet they are very expensive, and far less effective than the simple power of our custom folded mailers.

Why deliver a broad-based advertising message, that may reach thousands of people, without knowing how many of those consumers are really seeing or hearing the message. And how many of those potential customers are acting on that message? Your job is to provide a concise, succinct message that delivers value to your target market, and revenue to you.

The old-fashioned approach of personalized advertising, through direct-mail campaigns is elevating consumers appreciation for the time and effort that you put into determining their wants and needs. By utilizing key demographics, you can hit your target market, with a concise, succinct advertising message, offering consumers what they really want and need.

Front Door Advertising allows you reach growing markets more efficiently and effectively than ever before. With advances in rapid measurement, we can do so using controlled, precision-based technology that gives you an advantage that your competition may not be using.

In Part 2 of this article we will discuss our four-step system that will insure that your folded mailers are delivered to your specifications.

Your business values govern how you serve your customers. Yet it isn’t just about selling your products or services to consumers – your business must provide value to everyone who sees your marketing or advertising message.

Your job is to deliver a cost-effective, concice, succinct offer that reaches your target market, providing value to potential customers, while providing you with the pay that you bring to the hour. Our job is to help you create an effective advertising campaign for your business utilizing our Folded Mailers.

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